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Spa & Sauna rules of procedure

Bed and breakfast Spa & Sauna and swimming pool Samatan and Lombez

Rules of our Sauna &Jacuzzi relaxation area


Our structure is an exceptional place, rare for its private character. In order to preserve well-being and serenity, we thank you for respecting the internal regulations. We welcome you there only by reservation.


Respect for reservations In the event of an impediment, any cancellation or modification of the reservation date must be notified no later than 24 hours before the service (except in the case of justified force majeure). In case of delay, the duration of your service will be reduced accordingly.

It is imperative to respect the departure times in order to allow us to carefully prepare the next session: you will appreciate this attention yourself on your arrival.

Medical Restrictions

Before any service, make sure that your state of health allows it. The practice of Spa and Sauna is not without consequences for health according to individuals. We invite you to be cautious and to inquire about this practice with your doctor. Access is prohibited to people with skin lesions; dressings are prohibited. During pregnancy, the use of Spa and Sauna is not recommended and may be harmful to the foetus. Access to the Sauna and the Spa is strictly prohibited for pregnant women (excessive heat and abortive properties of the essential oils diffused). The practice of Sauna and Spa is reserved for people with no health concerns and not suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. The vasodilation of the vessels, due to the excessive heat of the sauna (85°), quickly triggers an acceleration of the heart rate and reinforces the effects of alcohol, drugs or medication.



 Failure to comply with the regulations, safety rules, hygiene and damage or negligence (soap in the spa, etc.) which could lead to direct or indirect damage to equipment, people or future services, engage your responsibility. and will be billed. You are responsible for your physical conditions of access and we decline all responsibility in the case of effects resulting from the services. If you suffer from health problems (circulatory, cardiac, respiratory, allergies, asthma, etc.) or if you are pregnant, do not forget to inform us: some of our services may be contraindicated. If you are pregnant, remember to seek medical advice from your obstetrician for an appointment, which you can make from your third month of pregnancy. We decline all responsibility in the event of physical damage (falls - burns linked in particular to the wearing of jewellery) or material damage, loss or alteration of jewellery, cameras, telephones, etc. Unexpected closure or cancellation of appointments by us Despite all the care taken in your reception and the maintenance of our structure,

We reserve the right to close it in the event of unforeseeable force majeure, absence of the service provider or breakdown causing equipment failure: we will postpone your appointment


Welcoming your pets

For the tranquility of the place, it is impossible for us to welcome your pets. We cannot deviate from this rule.




                                      Free access


Our structure is strictly non-smoking Ashtrays are available outside.


Rules of use and security


Wearing a swimsuit is compulsory We provide you with towels

For comfort, hygiene and safety (sliding on wet ground, wearing flip-flops or slippers is compulsory. During your first session, we inform you of all the rules of safety, hygiene and use of the equipment The shower is obligatory before the service.. A hair dryer is installed inside your room.


Respect for the premises: health and safety rules


A decent attitude, full of restraint and discretion is essential in order to respect the serenity of the place. Sexual relations are strictly prohibited in the relaxation area. It is forbidden to introduce glass objects, to consume illicit substances and to smoke. Any breach of the security instructions will result in the eviction without notice and without reimbursement of the right of access of any person whose behavior would go against these rules. Currently without a control camera, you are free and unsupervised; make sure to keep this privilege by respecting these common sense rules which are therefore not binding.

Acceptance of the rules of procedure

Any reservation implies acceptance of these rules of procedure, available in each space of our structure and on our website.

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